The Monteverde (Fla.) Town Council is expected to purchase a reconditioned fire engine rather than a ladder truck that drew opposition from residents because the town charges property owners usage fees for its fleet vehicles, reports the Daily Commercial.

The town’s current fire engine fleet consists of a fire engine, an "attack" truck, and an antique that’s not in service. However, the town’s operational fire engine has maintenance issues that caused it to go down two or three times last year, said Fire Chief Kevin Rausch.

Rausch told the council that refurbishing the vehicles would add 10 years to their useful lifetime, according to the Daily Commercial. This would mean that, in five years the town would be "at the top of the list" for federal grant money, given that the fleet’s vehicles would be older than 18 years at that point, Rausch said.

Refurbishing the vehicles and purchasing an additional fire engine would also generate some additional revenue for the town, which charges fire fees for commercial and institutional buildings based on how much square feet the fire department can cover.