Government fleets can now track alternative vehicles with hardware or plug-and-play tracking devices from GPS Insight. Alternative vehicles include hybrids, all-electric cars, and natural gas vehicles.

GPS Insight is one of the only providers to offer tracking of alternative vehicles and is more accurate, according to the company. As an expert in device management, GPS Insight has introduced logic that allows the company to successfully accommodate the multitude of voltage variables present on the ECM/ECU in alternative vehicles. This allows GPS Insight to record a vehicle’s true trip activity as opposed to struggling to accurately capture ignition status change events. 

Since alternative vehicle engines shut off when stopped, at a red light for example, most data that would come back would show that the driver shut the vehicle off in the middle of the road, when in reality that isn’t true. The company’s data would show that it was indeed stopped, but that the trip was still in progress and the vehicle was stopped at a red light. GPS Insight also can provide accurate data for when the ignition is truly off.

This way, fleet managers have faith that they are getting accurate stop/ignition status data from the devices tracking these alternative vehicles.