The State of Louisiana is creating motor pools across the state with up to 1,500 of its fleet vehicles by using Agile Access Control’s FleetCommander software to automate the vehicle reservations and dispatching of fleet-managed vehicles throughout the state.

Agile partnered with GPS Insight to bid on the successful GPS tracking and vehicle sharing contract. The state is installing GPS Insight tracking devices on its entire 10,543-vehicle fleet.

The state’s request for proposal (RFP) said that the goal of the procurement was to identify a hosted, internet-accessible GPS and vehicle sharing reservation system aimed at improving the current motor pool operations and accessibility, making the proper alignment of fuel-efficient vehicles to the required need, and enhancing transportation options for state employees, according to an Agile release.

Staff members at the state plan to use GPS data to identify underutilized vehicles and see where motor pools can be set up at various offices around the state, Ed Smith, CEO of Agile, told Government Fleet.

“They’re going to each major city throughout the state, and anywhere where [have] you co-located vehicles and people who don’t have good utilization rates, they’re saying, ‘share,’ ” he said.

Louisiana will offer state employees access to keys and vehicles via secure key control technology, without the need for staff to be present to hand out keys.

Smith expects the first motor pools to be online in about 45 days.