The General Services Administration (GSA) has extended its contract with Fleet Management Solutions (FMS), a division of GPS software developer Teletrac, for five more years, according to the company.

The GSA handles procurement for the federal government, providing product support, transportation, and office space for all branches. FMS's inclusion on the GSA's Schedule 84 indicates the government's continued trust in FMS software.

"In addition to offering GPS tracking and telematics for vehicles and heavy equipment, we are adding systems that meet mandates for lowering fuel consumption, decreasing carbon emissions, measuring utilization, optimizing fleet size, automating mandatory reporting, and integrating into legacy software," said Shelley Lynch-Holmes, vice president of emerging markets at FMS.

The systems FMS is including in its schedule are designed to improve use and on-road performance. With FMS systems, government agencies will be able to use reports, alerts, Hours of Service (HOS) software, and two-way messaging to better manage their fleets. FMS's portfolio now includes cellular and satellite products with a variety of peripherals. "We also anticipate the addition of container and trailer tracking, personal tracking devices, key fobs for driver identification, and much more," Lynch-Holmes said.

FMS serves a wide range of vehicles and assets worldwide, including NGO, construction, and mining assets. They specialize in tracking assets in remote parts of the world, where information infrastructure is limited or non-existent, with no limitation in their support of domestic fleets.

FMS is a division of Teletrac and Navman Wireless. Teletrac and Navman Wireless are combined to represent global leadership in GPS-based fleet optimization products and services, including real-time vehicle tracking and analytics that enable companies to monitor, measure and improve operational costs and efficiencies. The joint company's technology currently tracks more than 500,000 vehicles owned by over 40,000 organizations on five continents, making it one of the world's largest fleet management providers.