The Florida Association of Government Fleet Administrators (FLAGFA) has partnered with Palm Beach and Santa Fe State College to form scholarship opportunities for students looking to become automotive and truck technicians.

The FLAGFA board targeted programs accredited by the National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF) to establish these scholarships. The learning institutions have agreed to minimum standards established by the board. Each college will review applications and pick an acceptable candidate that meets the association’s minimum standards.

The association’s goal is to provide highly competent technicians for a skilled and growing field — the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a need for 60,000 technicians from 2012 to 2022. The scholarships also highlight the opportunities that exist within government fleet operations. The group’s hope is that members will consider reviewing current hiring practices and minimum experience levels in order to provide entry-level jobs for technicians. Skilled graduates will come without bad habits and will be eager to learn sound, efficient processes.

FLAGFA’s core mission is to educate fleet managers and current technicians, and this project shows the association is taking steps to focus on the next generation. These incoming technicians may become loyal government fleet technicians for many years to come.   

Upon graduation, the graduate will attend the next FLAGFA conference. This will provide them the opportunity to meet government fleet managers and give them an audience with which they can share their qualifications and aspirations.