The State of Florida is hiring a chief of fleet and federal property assistance.

This position’s responsibilities include ensuring the state obtains effective and efficient use of motor vehicles, watercraft, and aircraft for state agencies, and to ensure donated federal surplus property is available for eligible donees.

The state’s fleet includes approximately 25,000 pieces of equipment: automobiles, light trucks, medium and heavy trucks, construction and industrial equipment, tractors, mowers, small utility vehicles, motorcycles, and all-terrain vehicles.

Fleet Management determines motor vehicles and watercraft to be included on state contracts, develops technical bid specifications, and helps evaluate the contracts. This bureau approves the purchase of vehicles and watercraft; develops equipment purchase approval guidelines, develops fleet replacement criteria; and administers the state’s federally-mandated alternative fueled vehicles program.

Federal Property Assistance is responsible for acquiring and distributing federally-owned tangible personal property declared in excess or surplus. This property is used to meet the needs of the federal government and allocated to the state to benefit the citizens of Florida through public agencies, private/nonprofit health, and education organizations. 

The position pays between $75,000 and $80,000. The position closes on July 30.

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