Spartan Emergency Response has secured a one-year contract with the City of Philadelphia to design and build Spartan pumpers. The contract includes provisions for an extension of up to three additional years.

Philadelphia's crowded streets and city-wide tight 90 degree turns present unique challenges to first responders rushing to the scene of a fire. The Philadelphia Fire Department sets their fleet specifications based on superior safety standards which demand advanced stability and maneuverability, leading protective system innovations and technologies, which yield increased performance throughout the product lifecycle.

In response, Spartan will deliver pumpers that include first-to-market safety provisions such as the Spartan Advanced Protection System (APS), to ensure firefighters stay safe en route to and from the fire.

The fire apparatus will be built on the 94-inch Spartan Metro Star MFD chassis with a 173-inch wheelbase to garner additional maneuverability. Additional vehicle customizations will be made to achieve a tighter turning radius and accommodate Philadelphia's unique cityscape and confined areas.

The trucks will come equipped with a 500 gallon water tank and a Waterous 1,500 GPM pump for maximum output and control, custom-configured rear-facing attack lines to keep the hoses from interfering with the pump operator — even in the most confined spaces — and low hose beds for safer, more precise hose deployment.

For one of the busiest metropolitan fire departments in the country, Philadelphia's fleet must be able to withstand the wear and tear associated with heavy repetitive use. From extreme-duty interiors made to handle demanding duty cycles, to reduced maintenance and upkeep requirements, to innovations designed by firefighters for firefighters to ensure their en route and on-the-scene safety, selecting Spartan Emergency Response vehicles for their growing fleet was the right decision for the City of Philadelphia.