Photo via Flickr/United Soybean Board.

Photo via Flickr/United Soybean Board.

The Defense Logistics Agency, the Department of Defense’s largest logistics support agency, recently added a biodiesel fuel quality clause in its procurement contracts that says suppliers of biodiesel must be certified as either BQ-9000 producers or BQ-9000 marketers.

The National Biodiesel Accreditation Program is a cooperative and voluntary program for the accreditation of producers and marketers of biodiesel fuel called BQ-9000. The program is a combination of the ASTM standard for biodiesel, ASTM D6751, and a quality systems program that includes storage, sampling, testing, blending, shipping, distribution, and fuel management practices.

DLA provides the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and others with logistics, acquisition and technical services. In 2014, it supplied 100 million barrels of fuel. Diesel-fueled support vehicles that keep military bases operating are the largest portion of the military’s current biodiesel use, according to the National Biodiesel Board.

“The inclusion of the BQ-9000 requirement ensures our military bases and others DLA supplies will be able to use biodiesel seamlessly in their operations,” said Scott Fenwick, the National Biodiesel Board's technical director.