Photo courtesy of City of Culver City

Photo courtesy of City of Culver City

The City of Culver City, Calif., fleet division hosted a Technology, Ride & Drive Advanced Vehicle Expo day on April 2. The division held this event to showcase the various types of vehicle technologies that the city has deployed in the fleet and to demonstrate the technical aspects of each type of vehicle system. 

The event featured various vehicle technologies, including an all-electric transit bus manufactured by BYD in Lancaster, Calif. Other technologies included: battery-electric vehicles, plug-in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and compressed natural gas vehicles.

Attendees were able to drive each of the different vehicles and could attend a question-and-answer period to discuss how the technology works, the differences, and ease of use. 

City Council, department heads and all city employees were invited to participate in the event.

“It was a huge success and very well attended,” said Paul Condran, fleet services manager. “Many of the people who attended appreciated being educated on the various advances in the automotive industry and how they could purchase an advanced technology vehicle and use it in their daily travel activities. Many of the concerns attendees had over these vehicles were discussed so that people left with a good understanding about the various uses, safety and real world applications.”