The City of Oak Ridge, Tenn., is hiring a new streets and fleet maintenance manager in its Public Works Department to improve its fleet operations by focusing on broader fleet initiatives.

One of the first projects for the as-yet-hired manager will involve completing an inventory of the fleet, said Pat Fallon, Public Works operations manager. This will allow the city to auction excess vehicles and summon vehicles that need service.

The position is an expanded one, created after the fleet maintenance manager retired. The fleet maintenance manager was a position that had been around for 40 years. Because the job has changed, the city wanted to address that change with a new job title, Fallon said.

The new streets and fleet maintenance manager will oversee maintenance of approximately 300 units from various departments, seven fleet staff, and 13 streets employees. A fleet crew chief will manage the day-to-day fleet shop operations.

The city has received four applications for the position, which closed last week. Fallon hopes to conduct interviews next week.

By Thi Dao