Photo via Flickr/Will Merydith

Photo via Flickr/Will Merydith

State DOT fleets in the Northeast are mobilizing their army of snow plows and other snow-clearing equipment ahead of a storm that's expected to bring snowfall of one to three feet, while strong winds combined with snow is expected to create blizzard conditions along the coast.

Weather warnings were in effect thoughout the region. New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts are among the states that have declared states of emergency. Non-emergency personnel in Massachusetts are to stay home on Tuesday, with state offices expected to open again on Wednesday. New Jersey is sending its non-essential employees home early on Monday and closing its offices on Tuesday.

The Connecticut Department of Transportation announced that its fleet of 632 plow trucks, materials, and personnel were ready to clear and salt state roadways. As of Friday, the DOT expected its entire state fleet of plow vehicles would be used, and it can add 200 private contractors for plowing if needed.

The New York Department of Transportation has 870 plows and 1,800 operators ready for the storm.

The Rhode Island Department of Transportation’s Highway and Bridge Maintenance division has a fleet of 100 trucks equipped with plows and sanders. The state’s trucks are GPS-enabled and are equipped with technology that helps conserve road salt, according to its website. It also engages with private contractors for up to 450 snow removal trucks.

Maryland’s Department of Transportation has nearly 2,400 trucks available to address the storm, according to its website. Its plow equpment include quad axle “monster” trucks, dual wing plows, and tow plows.