Photo of Cleveland police cruiser via Wikipedia.

Photo of Cleveland police cruiser via Wikipedia.

A privately offered $100-million municipal bond approved by the Cleveland City Council this week would set aside $20 million to upgrade the city's emergency response fleet.

While specific details must still be worked out, the funding would enable the city to replace a variety of vehicles including police vehicles, fire trucks, refuse haulers, and snow plows. The Division of Police would purchase passenger cars and motorcycles, while the Division of Fire would replace aging ladder trucks and pumpers.

The new vehicles will "improve operating efficiencies" for the city's waste management and snow removal work, according to a city release.

The bond will also provide $35 million for repairs, maintance, and resurfacing of city roads and bridges; $20 million to upgrade city facilities and make investments in future critical projects; and $25 million toward new city neighborhood projects and investments outside of the city's central business district.

"With this investment, we will not only have better roads, bridges, facilities, vehicles, and recreation centers, but it will also stimulate economic growth, and promote more private investments in the city's neighborhoods that have the greatest challenges to private investments," said Mayor Frank Jackson.

The City Council approved Mayor Jackson's bond proposal at a Jan. 13 meeting.