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Officials at the City of Ashland, Ky., are reviewing fleet tire purchases after a routine audit showed discrepancies in paperwork generated from the city’s fleet maintenance garage, the city announced. The review revealed a 203% increase in the cost of tires purchased in fiscal-year 2014 over the prior year.

The review also showed that routine internal paperwork for the tire purchases were incomplete or absent. Employees are required to submit this paperwork upon completion of work on any fleet vehicle. In addition to the increased spending on tires, the inconsistent paperwork raised concerns that theft may have occurred.

The Ashland Police Department and the Office of the Attorney General are investigating the potential loss.

In regards to the criminal investigation, the Police Department released the following facts:

  • In fiscal-year 2013, the city spent $81,210 on tires for its vehicles. Previous year totals averaged near $100,000.
  • In fiscal-year 2014, the city spent $246,255.50 on tires, representing a 203% year-over-year increase.
  • In fiscal-year 2014, work orders and inventory support $102,002 of completed tire related labor. $144,253.50 of tire purchases are unsupported by documentation.