Chuck Forman, rebuild and fleet services manager for the Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) in California, has announced he is retiring on Dec. 12. Forman has worked at the district for 35 years and in fleet for 17 years.

Forman considers his biggest accomplishment the implementation of a fleet management system in 2000. "It's been a big change to the fleet, how we manage our resources. In the past, there as a lot of paper and things written down," Forman said. With a computerized system, fleet staff can better record service history and track depreciation, maintenance costs, and vehicle replacement.

Forman believes a replacement won't be announced until after his retirement date as the OCSD looks at every vacant full-time position and analyzes current needs.

"I'm going to miss the industry," he said. "Of all the people I've dealt with, the people from the fleet automotive industry are by far the best."