The City of Milwaukee, Wis., on Nov. 5 passed a resolution allowing marketing partnerships with private companies and non-profit organizations that includes a plan to sell advertising on fleet vehicles.

Earlier this year, the city contracted with The Superlative Group to conduct a valuation report, which states that advertising through vehicle wraps on approximately 35 vehicles in one department could generate between $120,000 and $140,000 a year. The calculation is based on market information that wraps on city vehicles on weekdays could generate up to 22,500 impressions per day with payment estimated at 70 cents per thousand impressions.

The Department of Administration is required to submit written reports on a quarterly basis to the Common Council regarding the pilot city vehicle advertising program during the one-year period the pilot program is operating.

The city owns about 4,100 vehicles.

*This article was updated 11/12/14 at 2pm to correct the number of vehicles in the state fleet, which is 4,100.