Photo courtesy of Lenco

Photo courtesy of Lenco

Lenco Industries has introduced a new tactical SUV that provides law enforcement agencies a more inconspicuous armored vehicle for executive and diplomatic protection missions.

The BearCat Tactical SUV is ideal for tactical missions such as transporting personnel and safely moving SWAT teams without attracting unsolicited attention or creating panic, according to Lenco.

The low-profile model offers a higher level of protection and durability than a traditional up-armored SUV, according to the company. It features military-grade armor that offers multiple-hit protection and under-body protection against hand grenades. An open floor plan allows for quick entry and exit, optimized seating, and customizable shelving and gun racks. In addition, operators can engage attackers using side and rear gun ports as well as a flush-mounted roof hatch.

The SUV is built on a commercial truck platform, allowing for easier upkeep and maintenance.

The BearCat Tactical SUV is a variant of the popular BearCat APC employed by military and law enforcement agencies. This vehicle provides tactical teams with the armored protection and interior layout of a BearCat with a more covert appearance, according to Lenco.