After 30 years in fleet management in the state of Washington, Peter Bednar joined Ventura County, Calif., on July 21 as its fleet operations manager. Previously, he worked in fleet management at Thurston County, Wash., the City of Bellevue, Wash., and Boeing.

At Ventura County, Bednar oversees more than 1,400 county fleet vehicles as well as 400 vehicles for outside agencies. Maintenance is conducted at a Fleet Operational Center as well as two satellite shops. The department has a staff of 46, an operating budget of $18.3 million, and a replacement budget of $5.8 million.

“This is a great opportunity to lead an organization that is already motivated to take on new challenges and move to the next level,” Bednar said. “I have great leaders in my upper management that support Fleet Operations and allows us to be successful.”

Bednar is active in the NAFA Fleet Management Association and has been on its Law Enforcement Group for eight years. His tenure at the City of Bellevue led the organization to become an award-winning fleet.

Bednar replaced Dennis Scamardo, who joined the Monterey County, Calif., fleet earlier this year.