Photo via City of Lexington

Photo via City of Lexington

The Lexington City Council has awarded $5.3 million to its fire department for new ambulances, ladders and engines. The new equipment will be dispersed to 10 out of the 23 stations in the city.

The city is replacing four of the 10 ambulances in its fleet, three of which are already in use. The city has purchased five fire engines and two ladder trucks. Three of the new engines have been delivered. The new vehicles are expected to be ready for duty later this month, according to a statement from the city.

Lexington is also commissioning a new ambulance unit.

“It’s a great opportunity to enhance our depleted fleet, and to enhance our ability serve and protect the citizens of our community,” said Fire Chief Keith Jackson.

Three of replaced  averaged more than 240,000 miles. Mayor Jim Gray said investments in equipment were delayed because of the recession.