The CEI Group, Inc. will demonstrate ClaimsLink ExpressLane, the latest version of its online accident management information system, at the 2014 Government Fleet Expo and Conference next week in San Diego, Calif.

CEI gave its online application its current name after adding dozens of new features and capabilities, the company announced. The new features include:

  • Drillable spark line dashboard graphics
  • Repair process timelines
  • An interactive imaging system
  • Quick and advanced search capabilities
  • Login data-based lockout recovery

When clients log in, they view a carousel of graphs showing the latest trends in 10 key accident management program metrics, including the number of accidents, preventable accidents, types of accidents, repair cost totals, subrogation claims filed and recovered dollars.

Additionally, each accident claim file features icons whose color refers to different stages in the claim process. By clicking on the icon, a drop-down menu appears for more detailed information on the stage, including the date the vehicle entered and completed the stage, and other pertinent data. Completed stages appear in shaded colors, so managers can identify each repair's progress at a glance.

The enhanced application offers managers new capabilities for viewing photographs of damaged vehicles and images of important documents, like police reports and estimates. From an array of images, users can click to see an expanded image, or click and drag to see any two or four side-by side, for easy cross-referencing on a single screen.

Users can take advantage of a new quick search function that enables users to search based on as few as three consecutive characters, including numbers or letters. Entries immediately show up to 10 results, and clicking on any one brings the user to the complete file or document they're looking for. Express Lane's advanced search function enables users to look for documents or data based on a virtually unlimited number of parameters.

For added security, the application automatically locks down after 20 minutes of activity. By entering either their system password or a custom PIN number, users can unlock the application and return to the last screen on which they were working.

The event is being held at the San Diego Convention Center. CEI will be exhibiting in Booth #614, and its contingent will be led by Kathi Croze, national sales manager for the government fleet market. For more information about event, visit the event website here.