Preferred One Communications has begun providing lifecycle service management for the Networkfleet fleet management system, the company has announced.

Preferred lifecycle service management allows fleet managers to track a commercial vehicle's service needs with features such as service reminders, where a manager can set an unlimited number of reminders, which are configurable based on a variety of factors. Reminders can be set for miles driven, engine hours, and calendar time. Fleet managers can receive reminders such as "Upcoming" or "Overdue."

Reminders can be reset and service records can be created for better GPS tracking of fleet car services. As a service record is created for each vehicle, managers can utilize the Service Record Report, summarizing services and comparing dollars spent for each service.

The Lifecycle Service Management tool improves fleet management; controls costs; and helps find efficiencies to help save money.

Networkfleet, Inc. is a leading provider of wireless fleet management services that improve fleet efficiency by reducing fuel use, emissions, and maintenance expenses. The company's technology combines vehicle diagnostic monitoring with an online GPS fleet tracking system.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet