The California Air Resources Board has fined SK Innovation Co. Ltd. $790,000 for selling non-verified diesel particulate filter systems, the board announced this week.

These filter systems, featuring a metal substrate, are designed to trap diesel particulate matter contained in diesel engine exhaust.

The board's investigation revealed that the units sold were produced with non-conforming warning systems that were not approved by the regulator, which requires that all filter-based diesel emission control systems be installed with a backpressure monitor to notify the operator when the specified high pressure limit is approached.

The notification must occur and be clearly visible to the operator while the vehicle or equipment is in use. Specifically, the Peak Pressure of the Exhaust (PPE) values were not the same as those originally approved by ARB.

Of the fined amount, $592,500 will go to the California Air Pollution Control Fund and $197,500 will go to the Peralta Colleges Foundation for emission education classes conducted by participating California community colleges, under the California Council for Diesel Education and Technology program.

The company also agreed to a nationwide recall campaign that must be completed by June 30. On Jan. 3, the company began recalling 327 units. The company is contacting affected filter owners and will reimburse those owners up to the original purchase price for a replacement filter, as well as assist with scheduling the replacement of the filters.