Photo via LAPD/Twitter.

Photo via LAPD/Twitter.

A police Lamborghini Gallardo would be enough of a deterrent to end any pursuits before they get started, but Southern California scofflaws won't have to worry about the Los Angeles Police Department's new exotic sports car.

The vehicle, which has been fully outfitted with black-and-white markings and a lightbar, will be used to serve the LAPD at community and charity events. The Lambo's first assignment comes Friday at the Los Angeles County Air Show at Fox Field in Lancaster.

The LAPD's Air Support Team will deploy the vehicle, which has been donated for use by Travis and Nathalie Marg of Light Source 1, a telecommunications contractor based in Los Angeles.

Galpin Auto Sports in Van Nuys provided the vehicle wrap for the Gallardo. The LAPD has set up a Twitter account for the vehicle.