Photo: Holden

Photo: Holden

General Motors India today unveiled the Chevrolet Adra, a global compact SUV concept which debuts GM India’s design and engineering talent while demonstrating Holden’s Global Design Centre’s ongoing role as a regional center of excellence, according to the automaker.

Collaborating with GM India, Australia’s Holden supported the development of the Chevrolet concept and was responsible for the construction and fabrication of the show car, being one of only two design centres in the GM world with this capability.

Michael Simcoe, Executive Director GMIO Design, said the Chevrolet Adra clearly illustrated GM’s collaborative approach to global design programs.

“Traditionally, work that took place in Australia would be seen on Australian roads.  That’s no longer how we operate,” Simcoe said. “Today, GM designers work on global programs, the majority of which are for international markets and Adra is a perfect example of this. The concept clearly showcases GM India’s impressive creative design talent and strong understanding of this emerging market. And Holden’s design capabilities are recognised worldwide.  They have a reputation for being a mature and highly experienced design centre with incredible scope including creative design, clay modelling, animation, colour and trim and fabrication. The end result is a show car that is sure to impress the Indian public and one that GM India should be incredibly proud.”

Conceived, designed and developed by GM India, Adra is the first concept created by General Motors Technical Centre India (GMTC-I) specifically for the emerging Indian market.

Holden is scheduled to discontinue its vehicle and engine manufacturing and significantly reduce its engineering operations in Australia by the end of 2017.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet