G2 photo courtesy of Azuga.

G2 photo courtesy of Azuga.


Azuga's G2 technology provides an accurate idling and carbon footprint report that can reduce a fleet's carbon emissions by at least 600 pounds per vehicle each year, the company announced.

The GPS fleet tracking solution's technology reads a vehicle's engine and delivers emissions and idling reporting 60 times more often than traditional GPS systems. The information is sent to the cloud, giving fleet administrators real-time snapshots of vehicle health, fuel usage, a vehicle's carbon footprint, and driver behavior.

California-based CG Appliances is using the technology.

"Using the Azuga solution, we are doing our bit to make this planet a greener place," said Chris Parisis, president of CG Appliances. "We operate in the San Francisco Bay Area where environmental stewardship is regarded highly by our customers and community. In addition, Azuga is helping our vehicles run more efficiently and more economically."

According to World Resources Institute, fuel consumption from vehicle use generates 75 percent of a vehicle's CO2 emissions over its lifecycle. Furthermore, The Environmental Protection Agency says that most vehicles run at maximum efficiency at 60 miles per hour, and every 5 miles over 60 mph decreases efficiency by 6 percent. These factors, coupled with excessive idling, delayed maintenance and inefficient routing can contribute to increasing a fleet's total emissions.

"Azuga G2 technology actually 'talks' to the engine every second versus traditional GPS systems that infer idling based on infrequent GPS signals and less accurate GPS speed and ignition sensing," said Anath Rani, Azuga's vice president. "We're giving fleet managers the most accurate and up-to-date information, which will reduce idling times, increase driver performance, and reduce emissions."

Rani added, "If idling is wrong, a fleet manager's carbon footprint calculations are wrong and drivers may be penalized unfairly."

Azuga's system typically costs 70 cents per day/per vehicle. It includes a lifetime hardware warranty and no contract.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet