The City of Springfield, Ill., has contracted to purchase FleetFocus, AssetWorks' flagship fleet management software application, the company announced.

The city is in the process of consolidating vehicle maintenance and management operations that are currently distributed across four departments including Public Works, Fire, Police, and City Water, Light & Power. As part of the consolidation process, the city selected FleetFocus to replace three disparate management systems.

The city identified several specific criteria for their new fleet management software, including improving the distribution of information about the fleet to city administration; minimizing redundant effort; implementing a motor pool reservation system; and providing information for an annual vehicle acquisition, maintenance and replacement process.

"The  goal  of  consolidating  multiple  departments  into  a  single  maintenance  operation  is  to  streamline  our operations and ultimately be more efficient," said Mike Palazzolo, the city's fleet manager. "By refining our processes and selecting AssetWorks as our technology partner, we believe we can improve the way we operate and maintain our fleet."

Springfield, capitol of the State of Illinois and the second largest metropolitan area in the state, operates a fleet of 1,200 diverse vehicles and equipment.

AssetWorks provides fleet management software for more than 200 cities and counties in North America, including 35 of the 50 most populated cities.