SambaSafety, a leading provider of driver risk management solutions, has introduced DriverScore, which helps employers and fleet managers better assess driver safety records.

SambaSafety’s DriverScore addresses a significant challenge that employers with large, multi-state fleets face when monitoring driver safety. Because each state imposes its own point system for driving violations, companies often lack a comprehensive view of all their drivers’ records.

DriverScore consolidates publicly available motor vehicle record (MVR) data across states and applies a standardized set of codes to traffic violations. Employers and fleet managers can measure driver safety with a common standard -- regardless of which states its drivers operate in. 

The Samba DriverScore is based on a driver’s individual driving performance, initially based on MVR data. The higher the DriverScore, the higher the safety concern level for that individual driver.

Because the score changes when driving violations, crashes or non-compliance occurs, employers can benchmark how specific drivers or the entire fleet is performing. With new robust reporting tools, employers also can readily identify overall safety trends.

“Understanding driver performance is critical to putting safety first, but this information doesn’t come from just one source. Samba DriverScore consolidates driver data from a number of resources and provides a consistent way to measure driver performance over time and across geographical boundaries,” said Richard Lacey, SambaSafety’s vice president of product management. “This innovative scoring approach developed by SambaSafety gives employers a powerful tool to identify important trends, both for individual drivers and their overall fleet.”

These new Samba DriverScore features are part of SambaSafety’s Driver Risk Management solution, which lets fleet managers monitor all driver behavior through the use of an intuitive, web-based dashboard. This includes a driver’s history, employee background checks and compliance. With this insight, employers can take swift action to address unsafe driver behavior, reducing accidents and improving community safety.

SambaSafety is a pioneer and leading provider of driver risk management solutions in North America. Patented technology and advanced workflow management deliver a full range of driver-centric solutions -- from motor vehicle records and true continuous driver monitoring to driver policy enforcement and benchmarking.

Through the collection, correlation and analysis of multiple data sources, SambaSafety enables employers, fleet managers and insurance carriers to reduce accidents and limit risk. For more information, go to

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet