Photo courtesy of Miami-Dade PD.

Photo courtesy of Miami-Dade PD.

The Iowa State Patrol is leaning toward replacing half of its fleet of 380 marked enforcement vehicles with Ford Police Interceptor Utility SUVs to replace aging Ford Crown Victoria sedans.

The agency is now testing two Ford P.I. Utility vehicles, and the agency's fleet and supply commander has budgeted for the move. Capt. Shane Antle told The Gazette he hopes the higher resale value of the SUVs will offset the higher purchase price and fuel costs.

To replace half the fleet, the Iowa State Patrol would spend about $100,500 more on P.I. Utility vehicles, which they can acquire for $25,500 before outfitting, than if they purchased 2014 Dodge Charger Pursuit sedans.

The Ford P.I. Utility and Charger Pursuit rate about the same in city miles per gallon. On the highway, Ford's vehicle gets 21 mpg compared to 25 mpg for the Charger.