General Motors will continue producing its Chevrolet Impala Limited for fleet buyers through the 2016 model-year, as it rolls out the revamped 2014 Impala for retail customers.

The Impala Limited will be offered to rental, corporate, and government fleet customers, the automaker has confirmed to Automotive Fleet. GM decided to continue producing the earlier-generation Impala Limited at its Oshawa, Ontario, plant in Canada. The plant also produces the Camaro and Equinox.

The automaker expects no delays in ordering or delivery of the vehicle, said a GM spokesperson.

The Impala Limited is the second-most registered fleet vehicle behind only the Ford F-Series pickup, according to the 2013-14 Automotive Fleet Fact Book. In calendar-year 2012, there were 137,601 Impalas registered for fleet use compared with 160,744 F-Series trucks.

Of the fleet Impalas registered in 2012, rental operators rolled out 115,880; commercial fleets added 13,356; and government buyers registered 8,365. In 2012, 78.3 percent of Impalas sold went to fleet customers. GM sold 38,104 retail Impalas.

Among commercial users, the Impala Limited has found favor with pharmaceutical and sales fleets. Law enforcement agencies such as the Philadelphia Police Department and the NYPD have long issued the police Impala Limited to their officers.

For the 2014 model year, GM redesigned the Impala after producing the ninth-generation 9C1 and 9C3 of the vehicle for eight model years. The automaker hopes to see 70 percent of 10th-generation Impala sales go to retail buyers.

Originally posted on Automotive Fleet