Hartford, Conn.'s, Mayor Pedro E. Segarra decided to eliminate a number of take-home vehicles used by City employees, according to a letter he sent to the city council. The City had a total of 73 take-home vehicles as of March, 2013 and as of Sept. 18 the City had reduced that number to 45 vehicles. The mayor gave the need to reduce costs and the liability associated with vehicle use as reasons for the reduction.

The number of general government take-home vehicles was 14 and has been reduced to nine, according to the letter. The number of take-home vehicles used by the fire department was 21 and has been reduced to four. The number assigned to police was 35 and has been reduced to 32, and the number assigned to the City's Emergency Services & Telecommunications department was 3 and has been reduced to 0.

The letter notes that no City department heads currently take home City vehicles unless they are required for emergency response purposes. The mayor added that he reserves the right to call for additional reductions based on the budget and that take-home vehicles will be up for review during the next year’s budgeting process.

By Greg Basich