Tom Higgs, ACFM, fleet manager, City of Conroe, Texas, will retire from the City on Sept. 26. He will join Faster Asset Solutions as a senior fleet consultant on Oct. 1.

Higgs began his automotive career in the Army in 1989, as a tank mechanic. His first duty station was in Berlin, when the Berlin Wall came down. Shortly after leaving the Army in 2000, he joined the City of Conroe fleet staff as shop foreman. About one year later, the fleet superintendent retired, and Higgs was promoted to that role. In 2006, the City officials chose to rewrite the job description, changing his title to fleet manager.

Under his contract with the City, Higgs’ years of military experience count toward his retirement.

For his new role at Faster, Higgs will move to Virginia Beach, Va. He will help fleets with the Faster fleet management system implementation.

Higgs’ position will be posted. He said the City hopes to fill the position within a month.

The City of Conroe has a fleet of 416 units and insources maintenance work from four neighboring cities. There are seven staff members that work in fleet, including Higgs. The City fleet has been named one of the 100 Best since 2007 and in the top 15 for four of those years.

By Thi Dao