Agile Access Control, Inc. announces that it has been awarded a Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) by the U.S. General Services Administration (GSA) for its FleetCommander fleet management and motor pool solutions.

The GSA has launched a major car sharing initiative to help federal agencies reduce costs, improve service, and optimize their use of vehicles. Agile’s FleetCommander facilitates effective car sharing that is easy to implement and easy to use, allowing federal agencies to optimize vehicle investments and achieve significant savings.

The Car Sharing BPA is the result of a competitive bid process conducted by GSA. It enables agencies to acquire solutions directly from GSA Fleet, without having to issue their own, separate solicitations; a process that can sometimes take months or years. GSA leases more than 200,000 vehicles to all federal agencies, all of which will be able to achieve the efficiencies provided by car sharing through the BPA.

According to the GSA, the BPA enables agencies to immediately implement car sharing in numerous ways, incorporating their processes and rules, in the way that they manage their fleets. For example, FleetCommander’s automated dispatching technologies such as self-service kiosks may be used to check vehicles in and out. In addition, the management of keys can be handled efficiently and securely through FleetCommander’s optional secure key boxes that enable the release of keys automatically, virtually eliminating the need for fleet staff involvement.

All FleetCommander solutions include web-based reservation capabilities as well as more than 60 types of reports on utilization, driver management, aging reports, and other fleet data that will be accessible to managers of GSA fleet vehicles.

“It just got faster and easier than ever for federal fleet managers to right-size their fleets using car sharing technologies,” says Agile President Ed Smith. “And, since our other car sharing technologies are available on the GSA schedule, it simplifies and speeds up the acquisition process as well,” he says.

The GSA BPA is a major step toward enabling agencies to follow the Presidential Federal Fleet Performance Vehicle Allocation Methodology (VAM) that assists agencies in achieving optimally-sized fleet inventories. Read more about the Presidential Memorandum regarding the VAM:

Federal agency fleet managers may choose to implement any one or more of the car sharing technologies included on the BPA by notifying their GSA Fleet Service Representative, or by contacting Agile directly.