The City of Snoqualmie, Wash.’s facilities and vehicles from select departments have been designated as part of the “Safe Place” network, which allows young people ages 12 -17 to ask for help at these locations. Departments with City vehicles included in this program include Public Works and Parks & Recreation.

Snoqualmie’s Mayor Matt Larson unveiled the yellow diamond Safe Place logo at the entrance to Snoqualmie City Hall. This logo will also be added to all City maintenance and utility vehicles. All City staff members have been trained in how they should respond to young people who approach them and ask for help, according to a statement from the City.

“Over its two years of operation, King County Safe Place has been able to help more than 100 young people, helping them find housing options, or reconcile with family, and most of all, letting them know that someone cares,” said Jim Blanchard, Executive Director of Auburn Youth Resources, one of the organizations involved in this program. “Safe Place now is available at many sites all over King County, including schools, community centers, municipal buildings and nonprofit organizations.”

The King County Safe Place network was launched in August 2011 in partnership with Metro Transit. It has since expanded to include King County libraries, YMCA facilities, Compass Housing, and several schools and community centers. The United Way of King County invested in the program, allowing for outreach and engagement of additional partners as well as training for volunteers and public awareness efforts, according to the City.