FleetCommander creator Agile Access  Control, Inc. (Agile) has been awarded a national contract for fleet management and related technology by the National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA). 

The NJPA contract for fleet solutions enables its 50,000-plus member agencies, including states, cities, counties, all government agencies, both public and non-public educational agencies, colleges, universities and non-profit organizations, to purchase FleetCommander technologies without the need to solicit competitive bids. NJPA has already conducted an exhaustive open and competitive bidding process that eliminates the need for additional solicitations. Member organizations nationally have the ability to participate in cooperative purchasing activities as a result of specific laws of their own state. There is no cost to join NJPA.  

The Agile-NJPA contract has a four-year term with a fifth-year option. "We are thrilled to be selected by the NJPA to offer their members our fleet and motor pool management solutions," says Ed Smith, president of Agile. "As someone that worked in a federal contracting office for several years, I appreciate the value that NJPA brings to the table for our customers. The folks at NJPA are contracting experts. They have already done the competitive bidding and contracting process on behalf of its members. This will save our customers hundreds to thousands of hours of procurement efforts. We are grateful to NJPA for taking on this bold initiative on behalf of its members."

Agile will be able to offer NJPA members all of its products and services via the contract, including:

  • FleetCommander fleet and motor pool software for time-saving online vehicle reservations, fleet data collection and right-sizing reports, policy communication and enforcement, driver management, odometer collection, and automated billing
  • Secure Key Management solutions such as unstaffed kiosks for check-in and check-out along with secure keyboxes for automated dispatching
  • Agile FleetShare car sharing technology for keys-in-the vehicle dispatching with online reservations and fleet data collection
  • GPS solutions and vehicle telematics to track vehicle position, capture valuable vehicle diagnostic data, and more.