The City of Orlando, Fla.’s city council has approved installation of an additional 200 in-vehicle cameras, as an expansion of its current driver safety program.

The City originally installed 145 in-vehicle cameras in vehicles in select City divisions and, according to City documents, saw a reduction in the number of accidents City vehicles were involved in and reduced liability claim costs from the cameras documenting the accidents that did occur. The addition of 200 units will bring the total number of cameras installed in City vehicles to 345.

The City said the program will enable its risk management department to reduce costs related to collision claim payments and protect City employees.

According to City documents, the additional estimated setup costs for the 200 in-vehicle cameras, including hardware, installation, and software licenses, is $242,000. The City estimates that use of the cameras will help offset the costs related to this program and costs incurred in City divisions that employ systems similar to GPS.

The City purchased the new cameras, and set up the driver safety program, through DriveCam via a National Joint Powers Alliance (NJPA) contract, City documents state.