Wisconsin’s Department of Administration (DOA) is awarding Clean Transportation grants to regional government entities and businesses. The 28 grants will help fund the purchase or conversion of 81 natural gas-fueled vehicles and 18 propane autogas-fueled vehicles.

According to Wisconsin’s DOA, the grants will help create 200 compressed natural gas filling stations by the end of 2015, and at least 15,000 CNG-powered mid- to heavy-duty trucks in Wisconsin. The entire award from the DOA is $1.3 million, and of that, approximately $167,000 is going to regional government entities.

Below is the list of government entities receiving grant funds:

City of Milwaukee
Purchasing of 5 light-duty CNG vehicles

City of Monona
Converting 1 medium-duty vehicle to run on CNG

City of Sheboygan
Purchasing of 1 light-duty CNG vehicle and converting 1 light-duty vehicle to run on CNG

County of Dane
Purchasing 5 light-duty CNG vehicles

Jefferson County
Converting 5 light-duty vehicles to run on propane

Milwaukee County General Mitchell Airport
Purchasing 1 medium-duty CNG vehicle

Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
Purchasing/converting 5 medium/light-duty vehicles to run on CNG

University of Wisconsin – Oshkosh
Converting 1 medium-duty vehicle to run on CNG