“If you love your job, you can’t help but be successful,” said Frank Morgan, fleet manager at Contra Costa County, Calif., during this keynote speech at the Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX).

And when Morgan says “love,” he means L.O.V.E. – his four steps to achieving success. These steps are to listen, observe, visualize, and execute. As Morgan explained, fleet managers need to listen to their customers; observe inefficiencies, bottlenecks, or things that aren’t working; visualize the solution or goal; and execute that solution.

Morgan's speech took attendees through his career in fleet management, from his days as a technician in 1980 until his retirement in 2011 as deputy director of maintenance operations.  He left his retirement to work at Contra Costa County as its fleet manager. He also detailed examples of how he worked through adversity, such as dealing with employee problems, and how his love of his career propelled him to overcome career challenges.

General Motors sponsored the opening keynote, which took place June 10 in San Antonio, Texas. Brian Bowden, GM director of Commercial and Fleet Operations, briefly spoke about recent changes in the government space within GM and about the company's wide range of new products.

Bob Stanton, CPM, CPFP, assistant director of the Building & Equipment Services Division, City of San Antonio, introduced Bowden.