The City of Sandy Springs, Ga., plans to purchase new fire apparatus for its fleet. The City’s current vehicles are seven years old, and to maximize resale value, the City Council is planning to sell the vehicles back to their manufacturer, Pierce Manufacturing, for $1.2 million, according to City documents. The City will also receive an up-front discount from Pierce for purchasing the new vehicles from that company. 

Sandy Springs’ City Manager John McDonough said in a memorandum to the City’s mayor and city council that the five-year warranty on the vehicles expired in 2011 and the frequency of necessary repairs is increasing.

The new fleet will consist of six vehicles, including two new quantum engine pumpers, three new quantum quint aerials with 105-ft. ladders, and one new quantum quint platform with a 100-ft. ladder. City documents state that the total cost of the new vehicles is $4,885,793, but the credit from Pierce will bring the cost down to $3,507,449.

The memorandum said the new vehicles will have stronger motors, suspension, and other mechanical systems, and the new vehicles will allow the City’s fire department to provide increase service delivery capabilities.