The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) recently posted an update on its efforts to reduce the costs associated with the State’s fleet of vehicles, which currently numbers 16,000.

TxDOT has stated that its goal is to reduce the size of its fleet by 6,000 vehicles and pieces of equipment, which the organization estimates would save roughly $50 million per year once the reduction is complete. TxDOT stated it is currently expanding its efforts to identify fleet assets to retire.

Beyond the fleet reduction effort, TxDOT said it’s switching from using re-refined conventional oil to synthetic oil. The organization said in a letter from Lauren Garduño, Chief Procurement and Deputy Administrative Officer for the organization, that although the purchase cost of synthetic oil is higher, its total cost of ownership advantages outweigh the higher initial purchase cost.

The organization also plans to start using fuel cards for all of its on-road assets where possible.