The District of Columbia’s Mayor Vincent Gray announced new initiatives to reduce emissions as part of the District's Sustainable D.C. plan, announced on Feb. 20. This plan includes a policy that would require the District to only purchase low-emissions fleet vehicles in the years ahead. 

Gray said the District will train its procurement staff to select low-emission vehicle models, to provide for “clean” fueling options, and will encourage alternate travel options for District employees on business.

In addition to purchasing low-emissions fleet vehicles, the District plans to install 500 charging stations throughout the city to meet demand and encourage drivers to purchase electric vehicles. Gray said the City is currently ranked 10th in electric-vehicle readiness and has 4.7 charging stations per 100,000 residents.

As part of previous efforts, Gray said the City has added hybrids and electric vehicles to the District’s Department of Public Works and DC Water fleets.

 You can view the Sustainable D.C. plan here.

Updated 11:06 a.m. with information about Sustainable D.C. plan.