Franklin County EMS, located in Ottowa, Kansas, has selected a new wireless fleet management system for their emergency services fleet. The County agency is using Prova Systems’ Fleet Manager-in-a-Box system, which consists of Prova’s wireless OBD-2 fleet management monitors and a wireless Zigbee/802.15.4 access point basestation. The system can monitor engine performance, vehicle diagnostics, driver behavior, and track trips.

The County also selected the Web-based Fleetio system to access and manage the data acquired by the Fleet Manager-in-a-box system.

“We needed an automated wireless system that would help us manage our maintenance program and more importantly to track vehicle performance better to keep our fleet in top running condition,” said Nick Robbins, Franklin County’s EMS chief. “We also needed a system that could keep up with our mission-critical responsibilities without breaking the bank. Not only does our Prova Systems and Fleetio system meet those requirements it was so easy to install that we were able to do it ourselves in a couple hours.”