Spireon, an innovator of Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Business Intelligence Solutions that connects companies to their mobile assets and workforces, is pleased to announce its win of the prestigious M2M Evolution award for “Best Business Intelligence Platform” at this year’s Battle of the Platforms hosted by TMC. The “Battle” was held in Miami, FL at the Miami Convention Center on Tuesday, January 29.

“We felt confident going into our presentation that Spireon had a strong case for our NSpire M2M Intelligence Platform,” said Spireon’s Chief Marketing Officer Brad Jarvis, who was part of Spireon’s presentation team along with Mike Edwards, VP of professional services and Mike Callinan, director of software engineering. “It’s an honor to be recognized among our M2M peers as a thought-leader in the M2M evolution.”

The Battle of the Platforms provided M2M leaders and innovators the opportunity to present their solutions employing M2M technologies and make a case for how these solutions directly address the business challenges of their customers. Spireon was one of 9 competitors at the “Battle,” whose platforms and presentations were judged across wide criteria, with winners selected in multiple categories. Spireon competed and won in the “Platform for Best Business Intelligence” category.

Spireon’s 15-minute presentation, introduced the company as one of the largest M2M providers in the country with over 1.5 million active subscribers — a number that is expected to increase to over 2 million by the end of 2013. The presentation also introduced Spireon’s NSpire M2M Intelligence Platform built from the ground-up in a private cloud environment. Jarvis, Edwards and Callinan focused on NSpire’s key strengths and differentiators, including its superior scalability, reliability, capacity and speed, as well as its ability to support a range of cross-vertical markets — something many niche M2M platforms are unable to do.

“More than merely discussing NSpire’s advantages, we wanted our presentation to clearly demonstrate how these advantages have a direct and positive impact on our business customers’ bottom-line performance through increased access to real-time actionable business intelligence,” says Jarvis. “During our presentation, we brought in compelling proof points for NSpire’s effectiveness, including demonstrable ROI for the automotive finance and transportation industries.”

The presentation made a strong case for how Spireon’s Collateral Management Systems powered by NSpire helps automotive finance companies dramatically reduce costs related to delinquencies, recovery and repossessions of vehicle assets, while also helping them increase their return on capital by more than 87%.

View the automotive finance animation here.

Spireon’s presentation also highlighted the significant results Coca-Cola Consolidated Bottling Company (CCCBC) has generated with Spireon’s FleetLocate Trailer and Asset Intelligence solution. Because if it’s excellent elasticity, FleetLocate, which is also powered by NSpire, is able to scale up across our customers large and geographically disperse fleets and trailers. And because FleetLocate offers interoperability with other business applications, CCCBC has been able to integrate, protect and maximize its existing system investments.

Engineered for maximum data throughput and reliability, NSpire will also ensure that CCCBC’s fleet managers have continual, uninterrupted access to their trailers’ real-time information so that they can make faster, smarter, more profitable operational and business decisions. “With over 1.5 million subscribers across our vertical applications today, Spireon captures over a quarter of a million data events per hour and that equates to about 2 billion data events over a year,” stated Jarvis. 

Download PDF of Coca-Cola Consolidated Case Study.

“The NSpire M2M Intelligence Platform has provided the high-performing, ultra-reliable and secure environment CCCBC needs to effectively manage and optimize its widespread trailer assets,” said Mike Edwards, who was the a former CCCBC Director of Logistics and instrumental in implementing FleetLocate’s Trailer Tracking solution at CCCBC. “As with all of Spireon’s customers across multiple vertical markets, CCCBC relies on Spireon’s business intelligence platform to keep them connected to their mobile assets, workforce and critical information at all times, so they can do more — and make more profits — with less.”

Battle of the Platform judges and participants were also shown a video greeting from Spireon spokesperson Coach Joe Gibbs, the former Super Bowl-Winning NFL coach and Hall of Famer as well as owner of three-time NASCAR championship team Joe Gibbs Racing.

View Coach Gibbs video greeting here.

“Winning Best Platform in Business Intelligence at this prestigious event confirms what we’ve already seen: NSpire is changing the game for business users across multiple industries,” concludes Jarvis. “We are delivering on the promise of M2M technology to revolutionize the way businesses connect to their mobile assets, workforce and business intelligence.” 

View Spireon’s presentation here.

“Winning this award is more than an honor for Spireon. In the past year we have strived to stay ahead of the game by designing and collaborating innovative solutions that will put us ahead of the competition and keep us in the running for continued success in M2M intelligence. Not only winning but the ability to participated in this Expo and surround ourselves with other leaders is exactly where we need to be. I’m looking forward to the CCCBC case study we will also be presenting on Friday, February 1 at 10:00 am.” Jarvis explained.