Image Courtesy of Avery Dennison® and VisionIt Media, Gilbert, AZ

Image Courtesy of Avery Dennison® and VisionIt Media, Gilbert, AZ

Your government vehicles can be among the best forms of recognition available to demonstrate your city’s commitment to safety and necessary public services. They can be seen by perhaps hundreds of thousands of pairs of eyes, giving your city government and services visibility and continued credibility within the community. Fleet branding, even for government vehicles, is not limited to a quarterly newsletter or bulletins. In fact, consider these statistics, generated by the American Trucking Association that show the potential value of branding on all kinds of vehicles:

  • Over 90 percent of those who were asked responded that they notice the messages on commercial vehicles.
  • You receive, on average, over 100 views per vehicle per mile driven. Very valuable for vehicles driving around communities they serve.
  • 97% of individuals surveyed noticed the branding on fleet vehicles and 98% felt the ad portrayed a positive image of the brand.

When it comes to fleet graphics and government vehicle marking materials, Avery Dennison is a world leader in the manufacturing of these materials. The company knows fleet graphics well. The Avery Dennison® Fleet Graphics Portfolio features a robust portfolio of best-in-class digital, cut vinyl and reflective graphic films that help amplify your fleet on any mobile surface. Dan Rozzo, Corporate Specification Manager for fleet & OEM relationships with Avery Dennison® offers insight on ROI. “With these numbers offered by the American Trucking Association, it only makes sense to consider your city’s trucks, vans, and cars an integral part of your communication strategy for your city’s services.”

The advantages of using vinyl graphic films for marking and branding your vehicles

When it comes to the marking and branding of your government vehicles, certainly painting graphics is an option, however it has its disadvantages when compared to vinyl graphic films. Paint is a slower process because the vehicle must be taken out of service for several days for the prep work as well as the painting process which includes cure time. Once this is completed the paint is permanent and cannot be easily removed. A vinyl graphic film, like Avery Dennison MPI 1105 printable wrapping film, on the other hand provides:

  • A far quicker turnaround than painting
  • Creative message that can be created, printed and ready for installation while the vehicle remains in operation
  • Easy to apply and easy to remove installation
  • The ability to switch between different messages or vehicles quickly and easily

There also are significant advantages to using reflective films and decals on government vehicles. Fleet vehicle markings that utilize reflective films stand out with maximum visibility - necessary for emergency vehicles and more – and help to increase your fleet vehicle safety. Reflective films, like Avery Dennison V4000 Beaded Reflective Film, can include color options for digital and screen printing. These provide superior day and night color consistency, keeping attention on your fleet no matter the time of day.


Your government vehicle is a marking and branding canvas

Colored vinyl and digital print film, perforated window film, and specialty accent films are some of the easy-to-use options that can add visibility and city character to a fleet, while reflective film markings can improve visibility and effectiveness.

Once the decision has been made to forego paint for easily-installed graphic films, you’ll start seeing the benefits of a city-centric branded fleet in regular operation.

Learn more about films for government fleet branding and visibility:

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