As fleets move incorporate more sustainable initiatives, components such as tires as also seeing a change. - Photo: Government Fleet

As fleets move incorporate more sustainable initiatives, components such as tires as also seeing a change. 

Photo: Government Fleet

As more fleet operations place a greater emphasis on sustainability and green efforts, many are exploring changes to enhance their environmental impact. For the city of Alexandria Fleet Management, Virginia, this focus on sustainability has led to a shift in the tires being used across its fleet.

In an effort toward sustainability, Alexandria's fleet management has begun using the Eagle Enforcer All Weather Tires. These tires, developed by Goodyear, are designed to perform in demanding operating conditions encountered by police vehicles. They are notable for their use of soybean oil in the tire compound.

Several factors have influenced Alexandria's decision to adopt these soy-based tires:

  • Environmental Impact: The use of soybean oil in the tire compound is aimed at reducing the reliance on petroleum-based products
  • Performance in Various Conditions: The Eagle Enforcer All Weather tires are meant to provide traction and handling in dry and wet conditions.
  • Enhanced Safety: Soybean oil has been reported to improve tire performance, offering better traction and grip, especially in wet conditions.
  • Economic Benefits: The soy-based compound is designed to enhance the wear life of the tires, potentially leading to cost savings over time. The multi-zoned design and high silica content help increase grip and stability, with a goal to reduce the need for frequent tire replacements.

More Fleets Incorporating Soy-Based Tires

The Forest Preserve District of DuPage County, Illinois, named the 2023 No. 1 small fleet for the Leading Fleets Award, runs an active and efficient fleet of approximately 350 on- and off-highway vehicles.

An impressive 95% of DuPage's on-road fleet uses alternative fuels such as E85, Biodiesel, LPG, CNG, hybrids, or EVs. They have also commenced the procurement of Goodyear soy-based tires for law enforcement vehicles, with plans to extend usage to work trucks as additional sizes of these tires become available.

To reduce the percentage of petroleum product used in vehicle tires, New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services partnered with the Clean Fuels Alliance to introduce soy-based biotires. Since 2018, fleet agencies, led by NYPD, have procured 1,931 light duty tires manufactured with soy products, according to DCAS, which first reported on this initiative in August 2020.

In its goal to reduce fleet emissions, the city of Madison, Wisconsin, has relied on biodiesel, hybrid-electric vehicles, electric vehicles, solar charging, anti-idling technology, and soy tires. 

The city of Moline, Illinois, Fleet and Facilities Manager Sarah Mark has helped the city implement environmentally friendly soy-based tires and motor oil, as well as other sustainable fleet and facilities products.

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