Don't let accidents affect your bottom line. - Image Creidt: Adobe Stock

Don't let accidents affect your bottom line.

Image Creidt: Adobe Stock

Arbitration services are the best kept secret among the fleet industry. Here's why.

In the government fleet industry, disputes can arise from a variety of situations. These disputes can be costly and extremely time-consuming to resolve, impacting the bottom line. Enter: arbitration.

Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method that provides judgements outside of court. Instead of litigation, the parties agree to have an arbiter, typically an expert on the subject matter, make a legally-binding decision.

Here are four reasons you should use arbitration services.

1. Arbitration is Cost-Effective  

Disputes can be a massive pain in the wallet. Traditional litigation is costly, with lawyer fees, court fees, and other expenses adding up quickly. Fortunately, arbitration offers a more cost-effective way to resolve disputes.

With lower costs, you can allocate your resources to more important areas.

Many situations will qualify for use of Arbitration Forums, an organization designed specifically to handle disputes related to the auto industry, including fleet businesses.

With minimal fees, use of these neutral panelists saves money in the long run compared to traditional litigation.

2. Arbitration is Fast

The arbitration process is typically faster than traditional litigation. Instead of waiting years for a case to resolve in court, disputes can usually be resolved in a few weeks. This means less interruption to your day-to-day operations.

3. Arbitration is Flexible

Arbitration also offers more flexibility and control over the process. You can choose a company who specializes in the fleet industry to become an extension of your team. This decision is important because your choice will determine the way in which your company is represented and how your claim is built.

Here are three questions to ask when choosing an arbitration partner:

  • What is your team’s recovery rate compared to the industry average of 44%?
  • What is your team’s average recovery timeline?
  • How does your team calculate damages?

At Advanced Subrogation Resources (AnSR), we specialize in subrogation and arbitration for the fleet industry. After serving as arbiters for over 5,000 cases, we understand how to build a winning claim. With an average recovery timeline of 27 days and a win rate of 74%, our team of experts can help you navigate the arbitration process and achieve the best possible outcome for your fleet.

4. Arbitration is Confidential

Finally, arbitration gives a more confidential and private resolution process. In traditional litigation, details of the dispute can become public record. With arbitration, the process is private, which can be particularly important when dealing with sensitive situations.

Confidentiality can also encourage collaboration of all parties – which ultimately creates a more streamlined and amicable process.

In summary, efficient arbitration is crucial for government fleet entities. It's cost-effective, fast, flexible, and confidential. With AnSR's expertise, you can handle disputes and recover funds in a way that's tailored to your business needs.

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