Manitou's three newest products — MRT 2260e VISION+ (top), MRT 2660e VISION+ (left), and MT 625e...

Manitou's three newest products — MRT 2260e VISION+ (top), MRT 2660e VISION+ (left), and MT 625e (second from right) — are part of its “Oxygen” line of low emissions equipment. The entire Oxygen lineup is pictured here.

Photo: Manitou

Manitou launched a new line of electrified telehandlers to the North American market — two rotating telehandlers and a compact telehandler. They're part of the manufacturer’s “Oxygen” line of low emissions equipment.

The new electrified lineup includes:

  • MRT 2260e VISION+ rotating telehandler.
  • MRT 2660e VISION+ rotating telehandler.
  • MT 625e compact electric fixed telehandler.

The vehicles in the new lineup are meant to lower the total cost of ownership while also simplifying service and delivering solutions that help improve the quality of life on the jobsite — including less noise and low/no emissions in close working environments, according to a press release.

“We’ve retained the performance and specs of the diesel models while reducing emissions, lowering noise on the jobsite, and making lifetime owning and operating costs significantly less,” Manitou telescopic handlers product manager Steve Kiskunas said. “Telehandlers are perfectly suited for electrification due to their varied use throughout the day, their ability to charge relatively fast, and the importance of less noise impacting verbal communication in many material handling applications. And the elimination of service and support operations and costs around the diesel engines will have significant lifetime cost savings.”

VISION+ Rotating Telehandlers Pack a Powerful, Electric Punch

The MRT 2260e and the MRT 2660e are an extension of the manufacturer’s VISION+ line of rotating telehandlers — both delivering 13,200 lbs. of maximum capacity in a 100% electric machine. The 700 V/65 kWh lithium-ion battery is built to sustain work in all environments, and an optional second battery doubles the battery capacity available for work.

Charging times vary: an optional on-board fast charger can achieve charging times in less than an hour in the right conditions, and an optional E-Xtra Generator delivers a hybrid experience that can be added to supplement the electric power. There is also a “plug-in” mode that allows the machine to operate while connected to the main energy supply when the stabilizers are extended.

“We’ve focused on delivering an electrified solution that meets all critical use cases without sacrificing any performance capabilities of the machine, and we’ve accomplished that with these machines,” Kiskunas explained.

Compact Telehandler Perfect for Tight Spaces

The MT 625e is a 100% electric fixed compact telehandler with a maximum capacity of 5,500 lbs., max reach of 19 ft. 2 in., and a max outreach of 11 ft. 1 in. Outfitted with either a 25 (standard) or 35 kWh (optional) lithium-ion battery, the machine achieves a full charge in just over two hours when equipped with the optional 9kW on-board charger (3kW standard). Its compact size (6-ft., 4-in. tall; 5-ft., 11-in. wide; 10-ft., 10-in. turn radius) allows it to easily work indoors and in tight spaces while still delivering excellent reach and capacity.

“Between sound regulations and quiet hours in urban areas, and the elimination of emissions for indoor work — plus the broad range of attachments, the MT625e is one of the most dynamic all-around pieces of equipment on any jobsite,” Kiskunas said. “It can be run day and night without disturbing neighbors, and delivers a whole new level of versatility to indoor work.”

Each of the new electrified solutions from Manitou is available with all of the same options and attachments that are featured with the diesel powered models, as well as all of the current advances in controls, connected services, and machine support.