Be Flexible with Outsourced Work

John King, Assistant Fleet Administrator  
City of Columbus, Ohio  -

John King, Assistant Fleet Administrator 
City of Columbus, Ohio

I read the “Striking a Balance Between In-House & Outsourced Work” column in the March/April issue, and I believe your article is spot on. In my 30-plus years in the fleet industry, I have seen times when we can become out of balance. Having the expertise to do an overhaul on a diesel engine is great, but does your shop have the space? Could your technician’s time be better spent making multiple repairs on multiple vehicles to keep the group happier?

In Columbus, at one point, we outsourced far more than we should have. An aging fleet, lack of expertise, and internal budgets all played a part. Taking a more balanced approach, which included training technicians, getting the fleet within lifecycle, and developing a replacement plan has all helped. It has also helped to standardize the fleet as much as possible — this positively affects parts inventory and the team’s knowledge base.

It is also important to be flexible — and maybe have the ability to do the repair internally but have an outside source to use as needs dictate. I am reminded of this definition of management — the utilization of resources to get a job done that no single resource can do alone!


A Postcard from Georgia
 -  Photo: Bob Stanton

Photo: Bob Stanton

3/11/22: Tomorrow I’m headed to Savannah with a truckload of relief supplies for Ukraine. I’m one of at least five truckloads headed there tomorrow from the Atlanta area.

Bob Stanton,
Stanton Fleet Consultants
Cumming, Georgia