It gets harder to pick some of the best fleet managers in the country every year! Discover more...

It gets harder to pick some of the best fleet managers in the country every year! Discover more about this year’s finalists and head to the GFX to see who wins.

The top three candidates for the 2022 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award have risen to the top, so it’s time to get to know more about who they are and what they’ve accomplished. Sponsored by Element Fleet Management, the Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year award is now in its 18th year.

Government fleet managers from across the country submitted nominations for this award, and qualified nominees then filled out a questionnaire with details on why they thought they were the best candidate. These were then judged by a panel of fellow fleet managers and past winners.

Nominees are judged in 10 key categories: business plan, technology implementation, productivity, policies, preventive maintenance program, utilization management, replacement program, customer service, fuel management, and a key accomplishment from the past year.

This year’s winner will be recognized during the 2022 Government Fleet Expo & Conference (GFX), slated to take place May 23-26 in Detroit.

David Renschler, CPFP, Fleet Division Manager, City of Fairfield, California

Check Out the Finalists for 2022 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year
Time Spent in Fleet: 30+ years, including positions in private repair shops, the military, and municipal fleets.

Number of Staff Overseen: Currently 23 full-time equivalents on two shifts at two locations.

Getting Started: Carburetors were still the norm in 1989. His first automotive job was at Neil’s Automotive in Diamond Springs, California (which is still there today!).

“I was so excited to work with my cousins and uncle that I’m sure I didn’t do anything right,” he said.

Enjoyable Aspects: Helping others reach their full potential.

Biggest Challenges: Finding the needed resources in a pandemic world to keep the fleet running so others can do their jobs and serve citizens — all while putting a fleet electrification plan together.

Upcoming Exciting Projects: Other than seeing his grandson, it’s overcoming some of the challenges in electrifying medium- and heavy-duty and off-road equipment.

What Colleagues Don’t Know: He has an extensive fleet of scale radio control cars, trucks, trailers, and even a helicopter.

Favorite Fleet Memory: When the city manager and city council attended a BBQ lunch at the shop after staff won its first fleet award in 2009.

Best Advice: Always have data to back up major decisions you make, provide the best value, and be a good steward of taxpayer dollars.

Free Time Fun: Camping and off-roading with his wife, kids, and now grandkids. Spending time with his veteran brothers riding motorcycles and supporting other veterans.

Matthew Case, CEM, Fleet Manager, Manatee County, Florida

Check Out the Finalists for 2022 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year
Time Spent in Fleet: He’s been in Public Fleet since 2009. Prior to joining Manatee County, he worked multiple positions in the automotive industry as a technician, shop foreman, team leader, service director, and also in automotive retail finance. The total time combined between public and private fleets is 26 years.

Number of Staff Overseen: 45 employees working multiple shifts and locations.

Getting Started: When he started in the automotive industry in 1996, there were multiple technologies being installed by automotive manufacturers like navigation and cellular devices, and self-leveling HID headlights were the latest and greatest. He excelled in researching and knowing the systems and diagnostic procedures.

Enjoyable Aspects: Continuously mentoring and coaching others as they move up the organizational chart.

“It’s impressive to mentor talent and see the results of all of their hard work and dedication,” Case said.

Biggest Challenges: Equipment availability, parts availability, an aging workforce, and hiring staff.

Upcoming Exciting Projects: Continuing to drill down into replacements and operations, providing cost savings and a high level of customer service to asset user work groups.

What Colleagues Don’t Know: He spent a lot of time working on luxury yachts in the summers out of Chicago, along with working multiple luxury motor yachts in the Caribbean.

Favorite Fleet Memory: The continued high performance of his county’s work group. Manatee County received a top 10 finish in the top 50 leading fleets with minor changes his first year after taking over the fleet and has since excelled with multiple awards.

Best Advice: From his grandfather — “If you want bad advice, ask someone their opinion.” The best lesson Case has learned in his career is it’s worth the time to complete in-depth research so you will be prepared to answer a question before you’re even asked.

Free Time Fun: He enjoys sailing, boxing, surfing, and polo. He and his wife also enjoy traveling, along with fine dining.

Barbara McCormack, Fleet and Facilities Manager, City of Ventura, California

Check Out the Finalists for 2022 Public Sector Fleet Manager of the Year
Time Spent in Fleet: Nine years.

Number of Staff Overseen: Eighteen total — nine in fleet and nine in facilities.

Getting Started: She started as acting fleet and facilities manager in 2018. The city was on the heels of the worst wildland fires in state history at the time and was bracing for floods from winter storms.

Enjoyable Aspects: She enjoys working with her team to give them the resources they need to succeed; they give their best every day, and work to sharpen their skills and those around them.

Biggest Challenges: Balancing resources with customer needs to ensure customers receive support to meet their operational missions.

Upcoming Exciting Projects: The integration of telematics and motor pool into the city’s asset management system and installing an additional module that will improve processes and create efficiencies.

What Colleagues Don’t Know: She has a collection of minibikes.

Favorite Fleet Memory: A fleet shop tour for executive leadership where they were able to see the team in action and the team was able to present its processes, procedures, challenges, and improvements. This, and the operations analyses, resulted in keeping work in-house and the approval to fill frozen positions.

Best Advice: No matter what anyone says, just show up and do the work. If they praise you, show up and do the work. If they criticize you, show up and do the work. If no one even notices you, just show up and do the work. Keep showing up, doing the work, and leading the way.

Free Time Fun: Studying the Bible, hiking, kayaking, and road trips.

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