Five California public transit agencies have deployed the company's zero‐

emission Class 3...

Five California public transit agencies have deployed the company's zero‐
emission Class 3 transit vans and Class 4 medium‐duty shuttle buses.

Photo: Lightning eMotors

Lightning eMotors, a provider of all‐ electric powertrains and medium‐duty and specialty commercial electric fleet vehicles, announced today an increase in orders, and reorders from the CalACT Vehicle Purchasing Cooperative managed by Morongo Basin Transit Authority (MBTA). The increase in orders is from public agencies who are members of the California Association for Coordinated Transportation (CalACT).

The CalACT contract is a purchasing instrument that simplifies and expedites procurement for CalACT members. To be considered for inclusion on the contract, Lightning went through a rigorous qualification process including an MBTA site visit and audit by its consultants, as well as CalACT transit agency visits to the facility to review the manufacturing process.

“In the past six months, we have received orders for both our ADA‐compliant 350HD transit van and E‐450 shuttle bus from five California cities, with additional vehicles in the pipeline," said Tim Reeser, CEO of Lightning eMotors.

The nearly 200 municipalities that are part of CalACT and eligible to purchase off the contract, on average, purchase 800 vehicles per year. As one of a select few approved electric commercial vehicle manufacturers, and the first to deliver such vehicles under the contract, Lightning is in a position to be the vendor of choice as California cities, counties, and transit agencies strive to meet the state’s carbon neutrality mandate. Under the Innovative Clean Transit regulation adopted in 2018, 100% of new medium‐ and heavy‐duty truck and bus purchases must be all‐electric by 2029, with a goal for full transition by 2040.

Lightning eMotors’ Class 3 350HD transit van and Class 4 E‐450 shuttle bus are available through California‐based CalACT‐authorized partners A – Z Bus Sales and Creative Bus Sales, and Las Vegas‐based RO Bus Sales. The all‐electric E‐450 shuttle bus has a capacity of up to 24 passengers and range of over 120 miles while Lightning’s electric 350HD transit van seats 15 with a dynamometer confirmed range of more than 120 miles.

Lightning eMotors has delivered eight of 11 vehicles initially ordered and expects to deliver the remaining three before the end of the year. An additional five orders from more new agencies are also on track to close in the coming month.

Originally posted on Metro Magazine