The reflective safety harness provides cool, comfortable, one-size-fits-all alternative to...

The reflective safety harness provides cool, comfortable, one-size-fits-all alternative to traditional high-visibility vests.

Photo: 360 USA

360 USA, a southern California-based supplier of high-visibility garments for work, has announced its new reflective safety harness that is ANSI/ISEA 2020 Type 0 Class 1 compliant. This fully adjustable harness builds upon 360 USA’s success with selling reflective running harnesses. Offering the same reflectivity and daytime/nighttime visibility as the company’s workvests, these new harnesses are designed to preserve worker comfort, not cover workers’ uniforms, and keep pockets and tools uncovered and easily accessible.

As an alternative to the common full-body safety vest, this lightweight, reflective safety harness is cool, comfortable, and offers all-day wearability without fatigue.Typical reflective safety vests often fit poorly, restrict movement, and trap body heat. In contrast, the 360 USA ANSI/ISEA 2020 Type O Class 1 high-visibility, reflective harness features fully adjustable waist and shoulder straps that provide a custom fit for workers of all shapes and sizes, while only requiring a fraction of the material.This harness also exposes the wearer’s clothes for a more natural, uniform appearance without getting in the way. Safety is, of course, the main concern, and these harnesses have been tested and approved by TexTest to ensure they meet the ANSI specification to keep the wearer safe and seen.

Product features and specs:

  • Approved ANSI/ISEA 107-2020 Type O Class 1 Compliance
  • Day and night visibility
  • View and access your regular street clothes
  • Genuine 3M material
  • Cloth backing for cool comfort
  • Stain resistant and fully washable
  • SM to XXL
  • Adjustable waist 35 in. to 54 in. & shoulder 34 in. to 53 in.
  • Weight 9 oz.

Originally posted on Work Truck Online