The Max-Series loaders feature improved visibility with more glass area in the cab.  -  Photo: ASV

The Max-Series loaders feature improved visibility with more glass area in the cab.

Photo: ASV

In designing its new Max-Series loaders, ASV took a whole-loader approach, focusing on improvements in areas such as electronics, durability, and hose routing.

“Rather than just slapping a cab on it, we made sure we fully reinvented the loader and took a clean-slate look at anything we could improve,” said Buck Storlie, ASV product line manager. 

More cab space was one of those improvements. The company increased cab width by 2 inches at the shoulders of the operator and 8 more inches at the knees. ASV increased the loader’s cab length by 4.5 inches. 

A new single-side lap bar design was another comfort feature for the cab. It allows operators, especially those on the big and tall side, more room in the waist area and more space to move around. 

ASV focused on improving visibility in the cab, providing more glass area. Customers asked for greater visibility, and the new loader increased it by about 50%. 

When addressing driver comfort, ASV stresses the importance of electronics. A 7-inch touchscreen features improved gauge displays and a built-in backup camera. The company said bringing in more cab features such as those found in autos helped improve touch, feel, and visibility for the customer. 

Additionally, the Max-Series — like all ASV compact track loaders — minimizes the risk of turf damage in areas such as public parks or greenspace thanks to low ground pressures. Crews can use the loaders year-round thanks to all-season performance and optional all-weather cabs. Max-Series loaders feature an anti-derailment guarantee made possible by its undercarriage design. ASV also touts the patented rubber track system, which allows a smoother ride over every type of terrain.